Emma was my maternal grandmother. She was a cancer survivor, among other wars she had conquered. These battles left her scarred and at times bitter. Nonetheless, she was the S in southern hospitality, although she had never been South a day in her life. If you were a guest in her home you received the royal treatment. It was not so much that you enjoyed her lavish meals. It was impossible not to fall under her beguile and whimsy. Growing up I marveled at her capacity to entertain with such warmth. In the kitchen she wielded the sharpest knives, but in the parlor, she was the butter every visitor desired on their toast.
Wear the Emma necklace when you want to enchant the crown, with its iridescent shells emitting their siren position in between copper bobbles. Emma, with its dangling jewels of amethyst and jade will keep you and guest feeling invigorated.